geoLOGIC and Golden Software: Partners for 20+ Years

geoLOGIC Systems Ltd., a software developer and data supplier – as well as a Golden Software business partner – has been providing solutions that have enabled its diverse clientele to make better oil & gas decisions since 1983. At Golden Software, we are proud our Surfer package plays an important role in geoLOGIC’s flagship software application, geoSCOUT.

Calgary-based geoLOGIC opened its doors as a developer of applications designed to manage well data and geologic interpretations. As the company evolved, it set itself apart by packaging public and proprietary data sets with its growing stable of software tools. In addition to oil & gas operators, geoLOGIC now counts government agencies, regulators, banks and educational institutions among its clients.

geoSCOUT is a powerful, map-based visualization, analysis and forecasting suite that comes with an extensive library of data. Relied on by engineers, geologists, land professionals and financial analysts, this product provides a common platform to help them track activity, identify opportunities, optimize wells, and manage conventional and unconventional reservoirs. geoSCOUT leverages our Surfer visualization and modeling software as an option for automated contour operations. In addition, the geoLOGIC application can use Surfer grid files as inputs for volumetric calculations.

The relationship between geoLOGIC and Golden Software goes back to 1996, the year after geoSCOUT was introduced. geoLOGIC Marketing Manager Yarina Moharam recounts how it happened:

“In 1996 we were challenged by our users to add new features, one of which was automated contouring. With a large list of desired features to add, we were looking for a way to accelerate the rollout of as many as we could. We realized there were a number of our users who were already using Surfer and were quite happy with the results. In Surfer there was support for remote scripting of contour operations, which meant that integrating the functionality into geoSCOUT could be fairly quick. As it turned out, it was also relatively simple to do. Over the years, as Surfer evolved, we added more of the functionality into the geoSCOUT Surfer interface, but the core methods have been maintained. It is a testament to Golden Software that functionality we developed to access Surfer over 23 years ago is still essentially valid today.”

Because geoSCOUT calls up Surfer through the script interface, the end user doesn’t actually see Surfer run and may not even realize it’s running in the background. They see the contouring results displayed in the geoSCOUT project, Moharam explained.

geoSCOUT users, however, are able to access Surfer directly from the geoLOGIC package if desired. They can export underlying data from geoSCOUT into Surfer for manipulation in our application. Following this manipulation and interpolation, the Surfer output can be transferred back into geoSCOUT.

Surfer is one of the most popular options purchased along with geoSCOUT software and data packages, said Moharam. For users who do not already own Surfer, a license may be purchased from geoLOGIC for our software to be bundled with geoSCOUT.

We hope our software relationship with geoLOGIC continues for many more years.

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