Create Professional Graphs for Your Field

Quickly create stunning and informative 2D and 3D graphs. Choose from over 80 different graph types and communicate your message to any audience with Grapher's extensive graphing abilities. Click on the below graph groupings to see the different plots Grapher creates.

  • Line
  • Step
  • Parametric Function
  • 3D Ribbon
  • XYZ Line/Scatter
  • 3D Parametric Function
  • 2D Summation
  • Scatter
  • Y=F(X) Function Plot
  • Bubble
  • 3D Wall
  • 3D Y=F(X) Function
  • XYZ Bubble
  • Line/Scatter
  • X=F(Y) Function
  • Class Scatter
  • 3D Step
  • 3D X=F(Y) Function
  • XYZ Class Scatter
  • Vertical Bar
  • Horizontal Floating Bar
  • 3D Vertical Bar
  • 3D Horizontal Bar
  • XYZ Vertical Floating Bar
  • Horizontal Bar
  • Vertical Category Bar
  • 3D Horizontal Bar
  • XYZ Vertical Bar
  • XYZ Horizontal Floating Bar
  • Vertical Floating Bar
  • Horizontal Category Bar
  • 3D Vertical Floating Bar
  • XYZ Horizontal Bar
  • Polar Line
  • Polar Class Scatter
  • Function
  • Polar Rose
  • Polar Scatter
  • 2-Point Polar Vector
  • Parametric Function
  • Polar Wind
  • Polar Line/Scatter
  • 1-Point Polar Vector
  • Polar Bar
  • Radar
  • Ternary Scatter
  • Ternary Line/Scatter
  • Ternary Line
  • Ternary Class Scatter
  • Ternary Bubble
  • Piper
  • Piper Class Scatter
  • Durov
  • Durov Class


  • High-Low-Close Line
  • High-Low-Close Candlestick
  • 1-Point Vector
  • 2-Point Vector
  • XYZ 2-Point Vector
  • XYZ-dx,dy,dz Vector
  • Stiff


  • Vertical Histogram
  • 3D Horizontal Histogram
  • Horizontal Box
  • 3D Pie
  • Doughnut
  • Horizontal Histogram
  • Vertical Box
  • Notched Horizontal Box
  • Q-Q
  • 3D Doughnut
  • 3D Vertical Histogram
  • Notched Vertical Box
  • Pie
  • Normal Q-Q


  • XY Contour Data
  • XZ Contour Grid
  • Surface Data
  • XZ Contour Data
  • XY Contour Function
  • Surface Function
  • XY Contour Grid
  • XZ Contour Function
  • Surface Grid
Grapher-2D & 3D graphing, plotting, and analysis software: You have full control over the final output of your graph
Grapher-2D & 3D graphing, plotting, and analysis software: You have full control over the final output of your graph

Represent Data at Its Best

Control every aspect of your plot down to the smallest detail. Grapher’s extensive customization options allow you to convey complex ideas in an easy-to-understand manner. Whether you work in hydrology, geology, construction or the environmental industry, Grapher displays your data at its very best.

Grapher Customization Options

  • Add legends, titles, and axes
  • Include inset zoom or graph magnifier
  • Edit all axis parameters, multiple axes
  • Format axis scales as linear, logarithmic, natural logarithmic, probability, or date/time
  • Combine multiple graphs
  • Add fit curves, error bars, and statistical reports
  • Easily filter data in and out of your plots
  • Place every graph component in a precise location
  • Define custom line styles, colors, and fills
  • Edit text, line, fill and symbol properties
  • Add text, polylines, polygons, symbols, and spline polylines
  • Many more…

Achieve Deeper Insights

Engineers, researchers, geologists and alike can make informed decisions with Grapher. Discover new opportunities and trends hiding in your data with Grapher’s statistical tools. Add custom or pre-defined fit curves, error bars, or compute statistics on the raw data for a thorough understanding of the underlying trend.

Grapher Statistical Tools

  • Insert custom or pre-defined fit curves
  • Apply confidence intervals
  • Include error bars
  • Perform statistical calculations on the raw data
  • Display statistical reports
Grapher-2D & 3D graphing, plotting, and analysis software

Image courtesy of Robert Sobczak, Big Cypress National Preserve, Florida

Grapher-2D & 3D graphing, plotting, and analysis software: Work with all popular publishing programs

Complete Compatibility

Seamlessly visualize and analyze data from multiple sources. Grapher natively reads numerous file formats including ACCDB, DBF, and XLSX. Grapher also supports most popular export formats. Easily manage all your data in Grapher.

Collaborate with Confidence

Quickly share your charts with colleagues, stakeholders, and clients, or with audiences in education or research settings. Get your graphs ready for printed publications by exporting to high quality formats like PDF or TIFF, or share your work online by exporting to PNG or SVG formats. Alternatively, Grapher makes it easy to insert diagrams into presentation tools such as Microsoft Word or PowerPoint with a simple copy and paste.

Grapher-2D & 3D graphing, plotting, and analysis software: Grapher

Streamlined Workflows

Get up and running in matter of minutes. Grapher’s user interface was designed to take the guesswork out of learning a new program. We worked hard streamline workflows so you don’t have to.

Grapher User Interface Features

  • Single window to view, edit, and manipulate the data and charts
  • Object manager to easily manage graphs, axes, and other objects
  • Property manager for easy access to plot properties
  • Worksheet window to quickly view or edit raw data
  • Dock or float all managers
  • Customize ribbon bar layout
  • Welcome dialog to get you started
  • Graph Wizard to guide you through the graph creation process
  • Customize the user interface to fit your needs

Work Smart, Not Hard with Automation

Don’t waste time doing the same process over and over. Create scripts to automate repetitive tasks, and run your favorite scripts directly from the Grapher ribbon. Grapher can be called from any automation-compatible programming languages such as C++, Python, or Perl. Grapher also ships with Scripter, a built-in Visual Basic compatible scripting tool. Better yet, use the script recorder to transform actions performed in Grapher into a script.

Save time with automation, and save even more time by reviewing the extensive set of sample scripts in the Grapher Automation Knowledge Base!

Grapher 2D & 3D graphing, plotting, and analysis software: Streamline workflows with built-in automation

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