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Determine Volumetrics from Isopach Maps in Surfer

An isopach map illustrates the thickness variations within a subsurface unit, layer, or stratum. Join us in a free webinar where we’ll showcase the best workflow for creating isopach maps in Surfer to identify assets in the field, calculate area, determine the volume of the isopach, and analyze the data through reporting.

Golden Software’s training coordinator, Drew Dudley, will focus on specific examples using the most current version of Surfer, although the principles we'll be reviewing can be applied to almost any subsurface data set.

Specifically, the presentation will cover the following topics:

  • Use Surfer’s Grid Math tool to create isopach maps
  • Visualize the isopach maps using contour layers and 3D surfaces
  • Use Surfer’s Grid Volume tool to calculate area and volume between surfaces
  • Extract volumetrics from within a specific boundary


Staff is on hand to answer questions throughout the webinar. Please keep in mind that the spots are limited and can quickly get booked. Book your spot immediately!

Tuesday, June 16, 9-10 am MDT |  Wednesday, June 17, 4-5 pm MDT

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Create Dynamic Models from Scanned Maps with Surfer

Are you looking for the perfect application to convert your paper maps into a dynamic digital model? You're in luck - Surfer has the perfect tools for you! Join us for this free webinar where you'll learn how to georeference scanned maps and recreate the contour lines as a raster grid surface to make your data come to life!

After georeferencing and creating the contours, we'll take the model to the next level by viewing the data in Surfer's 3D Viewer. This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Cropping images
  • Georeferencing scanned images
  • Digitizing contour lines
  • Viewing a scanned image in Surfer's 3D View


Dust off those paper maps and register for the session that works best for you. Space is limited to sign up today!

Tuesday, July 14, 4-5 pm MDT |  Wednesday, June 15, 9-10 am MDT

*Click the REGISTER NOW  link for the option to view in your time zone

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