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Ultimate Guide to Understanding Coordinate Systems

Geographic coordinates systems and projections are used to define the location of all spatial datasets. Understanding how to work with the systems is an integral part of every mapping project. When you attend this free webinar, you will master the fundamental concepts of geographical coordinate systems, projections, and datums and how they are used to accurately project your data to the correct location.

Join Jake, as he teaches you how to successfully manage the projections and coordinate systems for all map layers using Surfer. The presentation will help you resolve projection and coordinate system challenges, included selecting the appropriate map projection, combining layers that are using different coordinate systems, and reprojecting maps. At the conclusion of the webinar, you will be an expert at working with all aspects of coordinate systems and projections in Surfer.

This webinar will cover the following topics:

  • Common terminology associated with projections and coordinate systems
  • Why you should use projected coordinate systems in Surfer
  • How to select the appropriate system for your project
  • Examples of combining layers that use different coordinate systems
  • How to reprojecting and maps in Surfer
  • How to export maps in the desired coordinate system to be imported in other Golden Software products and 3rd party apps


Who is this webinar for?

  • Geologists
  • Hydrologists
  • Engineering Consultants
  • GIS Technicians


Staff is on hand to answer questions throughout the webinar. Space is limited, so sign up today!


SESSION 1    |    Tuesday, January 24, 4-5 pm US Mountain Time    |    REGISTER NOW

SESSION 2    |    Wednesday, January 25, 9-10 am US Mountain Time    |    REGISTER NOW


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