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Optimizing Volume Calculations in Surfer

Do you need to calculate the storage capacity of retention pond, find the volume between two geologic layers, calculate the volume of a coal seem, or similar? Join us for our next webinar where Customer Support Specialist, Rachel Kreuger, will walk you through real world examples of how to calculate volume inside a polygon, between contours, and more.

Calculate volume in Surfer

This webinar is perfect for any civil engineer, hydrologist, environmental scientist and alike who wants to leverage Surfer to its fullest potential. You'll leave this webinar a master at the most efficient workflows to calculate volume in Surfer.


This webinar will cover how to calculate volume in the following scenarios:

  • Between two stacked surfaces
  • Between intersecting surfaces
  • Between contours (specific contours or all!)
  • Within a specific boundary polygon
  • Within one or more 3D polygons


Who the webinar is for:

  • Petroleum and mining geologists
  • Hydrologists and hydrogeologists
  • Construction and civil engineering
  • Environmental scientists
  • 3D modelers of any background


Space is limited, so sign up for the session that works best for you today!

SESSION 1    |    Tuesday, May 25, 4-5 pm MT    |    REGISTER NOW

SESSION 2    |    Wednesday, May 26, 9-10 am MT    |    REGISTER NOW


Creating New Ways to Visualize Streamflow Properties Using Grapher

Water resources professionals face a daunting problem – how to decide which of 170+ different hydrologic metrics to use when quantifying and displaying the streamflow properties of magnitude, frequency, duration, timing, and rate of change. Many of these metrics do not take data order into account and have trouble addressing an underlying hydrologic property, the temporal configuration of streamflow.


Join our guess presenter, Rick Koehler, who is the CEO of Visual Data Analytics LLC, to see how he solves this problem using Grapher. His new approach allows him to visualize and summarize streamflow properties, including configuration, effectively.


Space is limited, so sign up for the session that works best for you today!


SESSION 1    |    Tuesday, June 21, 4-5 pm MDT    |    REGISTER NOW

SESSION 2    |    Wednesday, June 22, 9-10 am MDT    |    REGISTER NOW


Leveraging Open-Source LiDAR Data in Surfer

LiDAR data is more abundantly available online than ever before. By leveraging and formatting that data in Surfer any hydrologist or engineer can visualize a land parcel or hydrological feature in ways that allow them to fully understand their site.

Join Golden Software for the second month of our summer guest webinar series as Steve Boynton, owner of Subsurface Environmental LLC, and Technical Support Engineer Jake Stachewicz cover how you can transform publicly available LiDAR data into knowledge with Surfer today.

The topics covered will include:

  • Importing and formatting open-source LiDAR data
  • Combining BLN boundary files and LiDAR data to create maps for site evaluation
  • Creating elevation profiles from site maps
  • Generating striking color relief maps to highlight hydrologic features


This webinar is great for:

  • Environmental Services Professionals
  • Hydrologists and Geologists
  • GIS Professionals
  • Engineering Technicians
  • Hobbyists


Dates and Registration Coming Soon


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