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Mastering Strater's Well Construction Log

Are you a pro at creating logs and cross sections in Strater? Take your skills to next level by learning how to create a well construction log to go along with your data! A well construction log is a visual representation of the well that replicates a well construction diagram. Well construction diagrams demonstrate how the monitoring well or piezometer was created and display items such as screen, packing material, end caps. This extra detail allows you to present your data in a clear and professional manner.
Join Brittany Bodane for this free webinar where you will learn everything you need to know about well constructions! We'll walk through the creation of a well construction from start to finish, discuss common mistakes and how to avoid them, as well as how to overlay the well construction on a cross section! You'll leave this webinar ready to tackle your next project with confidence and efficiency.

Multiple sessions are scheduled, so pick the date that works best for you. Space is limited so sign up today!

Tuesday, March 10, 4-5 pm MDT |  Wednesday, March 11, 9-10 am MDT

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Increase Efficiency with Surfer's Latest Features

We're excited to announce we have released some exciting new features in Surfer! We know your time is valuable, so we focused the new version on streamlining a lot of the steps in your workflow. Shave time off your workflows by learning to select multiple data, graphic, base or grid files at once when creating new Map or adding Map layers, toggle multiple layers on/off with one click, and change the units on your scale bar without editing your map.

In addition to focusing on saving you time, we also collected all of your suggestions and created some new features for you! See how to export high resolution images from Surfer's 3D View, select a specific color to make transparent, and create a Profile (or cross section) from any polyline that is part of a base layer.

Join product manager, Drew Dudley, for this free webinar where he'll cover some of the most exciting new features and workflows in Surfer!

Specifically, this webinar will be focused on how to:
1. Create multiple maps and map layers at once.
2. Toggle visibility on/off for multiple map layers simultaneously.
3. Set a specific color with in an image to be transparent.
4. Change the units on the Scale bar.
5. Export images from Surfer's 3D View.
6. Create a Profile (or cross section) from any polyline with a base layer.

Space is limited, so sign up today!

Tuesday, April 21, 9-10 am MDT |  Wednesday, April 22, 4-5 pm MDT

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