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5 Ways to Refine your grids by Assigning NoData in Surfer

Do you have unneeded or unreliable data after gridding that you don't want in your final product? Fine tune your grid by Assigning NoData in Surfer! Use the Assign NoData tool to model a lake with the ground surface trimmed away. Or, use it to cut out all data over a specified distance from a sampling location. You can even use the Assign NoData tool to replace a portion of a grid with another grid!


Assigning NoData to a grid file


Join Product Manager Brittany Bodane for our next free webinar where you'll to learn how to Assign NoData to XYZ data points, vector contour lines, and a grid file. The topics will specifically cover how to:


  • Assign NoData in the Grid Data dialog using one or more polygon boundary
  • Assign NoData in the Grid Data dialog using a convex hull
  • Assign NoData in the Grid Data dialog using a concave hull or alpha shape
  • Assign NoData while converting vector contour lines to a grid file
  • Assign Nodata on an existing grid and replace the NoData nodes with another grid
  • Make your model publication ready


Who is the webinar for?

  • Hydrologists
  • Petroleum E & P
  • Subsurface Utility Engineers
  • and more!

SESSION 1    |    Tuesday, August 17, 4-5 pm MDT    |    REGISTER NOW

SESSION 2    |    Wednesday, August 18, 9-10 am MDT    |    REGISTER NOW


Best New Features of Surfer

It’s release time again at Golden Software, we are releasing another feature-packed version of Surfer! For the new version, we focused our development time on increasing processing speed, optimizing workflows to maximize your efficiency. We added a new Drillhole map type and group of exciting new features that should maximize your efficiency when working with grid files in Surfer.

During the presentation, technical support specialist and account manager Drew Dudley will detail how to use these powerful new features in Surfer 22, including:


  • Creating Surfer’s new Drillhole Map Layer in 2D and 3D
  • Introducing Alpha shapes and how to use them to assign NoData to grid files
  • Measuring stratigraphic thickness with Surfer’s new Grid Isopach tool
  • Applying Grid Math and calculate volume using grid files with different grid geometry
  • Adding 3D Spheres to the 3D View window
  • Giving you a sneak peak of what’s to come in Surfer 23 Beta

Who is this webinar for?
  • Petroleum E & P
  • Hydrologists
  • Environmental Engineers
  • Remediation Specialists
  • Anyone who loves Surfer!


Space is limited, sign up now to reserve your spot. We have two sessions available, please register for the one that best fits your schedule.


SESSION 1    |    Tuesday, September 21, 4-5 pm MDT    |    REGISTER NOW

SESSION 2    |    Wednesday, September 22, 9-10 am MDT    |    REGISTER NOW


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