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Streamline Your Workflows with Surfer

Surfer offers an exciting new set of 3D mapping features, vector editing tools, and a new gridding method that are designed to enhance your projects by increasing usability and improving workflows to save you time when creating maps and 3D models in Surfer. This webinar will shed light on the new functionality we have incorporated into the industry-leading gridding and contour application.


Surfer's 3D View


Come join Training Coordinator, Drew Dudley, for this informative and free webinar where you will gain understanding on the advancements and new functionality we have added to Surfer.

This free 60-minute presentation will showcase the new features including:

  • Add fully editable axes, grid lines, and labels to the 3D View window
  • Use Surfer’s new Co-Kriging to interpolate a primary dataset that is guided by a secondary correlated dataset
  • Increase efficiency by immediately adding your new grid files to the Plot window as contour, color relief, 3D surface, or other grid-based map layers
  • Save time by assigning NoData values to grid files inside or outside of a polygon boundary during the gridding process Staff is on hand to answer all of your specific questions.


Multiple sessions are scheduled, so pick the date that works best for you. Space is limited, so sign up today!

Tuesday, December 10, 10-11 am MST |  Wednesday, December 11, 6-7 pm MST  |  Thursday, December 12, 7-8 am MST

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Surfer 101: Introduction to Mapping XYZ Data

Surfer is Golden Software’s powerful gridding, mapping, and contouring application designed to create stunning maps from XYZ data. This introductory webinar will teach you the foundation you need to be able create each one of Surfer’s map types! We'll start with the basics, such as tips to QC and organize your data so you can work most efficiently in Surfer. We then move into interpolating your data to create a raster (grid) surface, as well using Surfer's Map Wizard to create a map with several layers. Lastly, we'll take a look at our maps in Surfer's 3D View where 2D data comes to life giving you a new perspective on your data. You'll leave this webinar feeling more confident working in Surfer than ever!

By attending this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • QC data files in Surfer's worksheet
  • Interpolate data to create a raster grid file
  • Create a map with multiple layers using Surfer's Map Wizard
  • Visualize vector and raster data in Surfer's 3D View

Tuesday, January 14, 10-11 am MST |  Wednesday, January 15, 6-7 pm MST  |  Thursday, January 16, 2-3 pm MST

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