Reduce your Software Toolkit with 3D Modeling

At Golden Software we are committed to providing users with excellent software that helps you create report figures that impress clients, without too much jumping between programs. We have always appreciated the passion of our Voxler fans and wanted to implement the 3D modeling capabilities its users love into a product that our development team is constantly working to improve.

With the latest Surfer release features Voxler users have identified as vital for their workflows are now in Surfer. Not only have we added Voxler functionality into Surfer, we improved it! 3D modeling features in Surfer utilize real world coordinate systems, contain graphical improvements, and can seamlessly integrate with Surfer’s already existing mapping capabilities.

Instead of hopping between several programs to create conceptual site models, tell the story of your site in both 2D and 3D with Surfer!

So, what exactly has been added to Surfer from Voxler?

Create 3D Site Models with XYZC Gridding

Voxler had the gridder module and Surfer improves upon it by adding XYZC gridding options to the already existing, legendary Surfer gridding algorithms. Transform your soil or groundwater contamination data into 3D grids that can be used to generate interactive 2D and 3D maps.

XYZC 3D Gridding Menu in Surfer
Volume Render Comparison in Surfer and Voxler

Display 3D Data as a Volume Render

A volume render represents the C value of your XYZC dataset in a 3D space. Voxler accomplished this with the Volrender module and Surfer now supports Volume Renders in the 3D view.

Take a step back and view the extent of contamination at a site, or map out mineralization zones. Surfer’s customization options include color schemes, opacity, and the ability to modify the limits of your render based on real coordinate data.

Delineate your Site with Isosurfaces

Site delineation just got easier. Determine exactly where specific C values are in a 3D grid using an isosurface. By adding an isosurface you can highlight areas of interest such as plume extents or mineralization cutoffs. Surfer’s isosurface rendering has received a graphical update from Voxler, and Surfer’s 3D view offers digitization features that help you extract coordinates from your model.

Surfer users with an active subscription or maintenance license can further customize their 3D models with Surfer Beta. The following section previews features currently available in Surfer Beta that will headline our next release.

Customize your 3D Model with a Clipping Plane

Clip away unwanted data using any plane! Cutaway areas at custom angles, or above/below certain X, Y or Z values. Helping you finetune your model to the most important areas for your client. This functionality is improved from Voxler as Surfer supports real world coordinate systems and the clipping plane is associated to the actual X,Y, and Z values in your model.

Surfer and Voxler 3D modeling clipping plane feature comparison
Surfer and Voxler 3D modeling image slice feature comparison

Segment Important Areas with an Image Slice

Slice your 3D grids at any angle and visualize the slice as an image. Cutting through a plume or mineralization zone and highlighting important areas of the model for your clients, such as a leak origin.

With Surfer you can specify any color scheme for your image slices and utilize a simple slider to move the image through the grid and see how it changes live

3D modeling software can leave a dent in your budget and serve a hyper specific purpose in your software toolkit. By making the switch to Surfer you can save money, increase flexibility, and create impressive site models with less jumping between programs.

Start using a program that offers the 2D & 3D site modeling features scientists and engineers value. Reduce your software toolkit and download the Surfer Free Trial today!

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