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5 Essential Mapping Software Features for Environmental Professionals

Are you tired of juggling complex environmental projects? As a scientist or engineer in the environmental industry, you have a lot on your plate - from managing field teams to creating accurate figures based on collected data. With so many software options out there, it's hard to know what features will simplify your day and get you one step c...

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Reduce your Software Toolkit with 3D Modeling

At Golden Software we are committed to providing users with excellent software that helps you create report figures that impress clients, without too much jumping between programs. We have always appreciated the passion of our Voxler fans and wanted to implement the 3D modeling capabilities its users love into a product that our development team is...

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Communicate Data Intuitively with the Latest Grapher Release

There are several new features in the latest release of Grapher! From the new Graph Gallery and Plot Previews features, to connect existing worksheets to new data sources; the latest Grapher release provides new, easier ways to work with your plots and data. If you're curious about how these new features can improve your workflow, download the Grap...

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3 Tips for a Stress-Free Software Upgrade

Upgrading your software can be an exciting yet nerve-wracking experience. The idea of new features and improvements is thrilling, but the fear of potential challenges and complications from the upgrade process is not ideal. If you ever found yourself worrying about upgrading software, know that you're not alone! Many others express concerns about t...

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Latest Surfer Release Adds a New Dimension with 3D Gridding Features

The latest version of Surfer (v25) is here! This release contains highly anticipated new 3D features that our product and development team have been hard at work to bring to you. If you simply can't wait to dive into these new features, download the Surfer Free Trial now. - Top Features in Surfer's Latest Release -    Grid, Map and Visual...

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