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Did you know Surfer now has a Format Painter?

Did you know it's now possible to instantly apply the formatting of one map object to another in Surfer 16? No more painstaking hours spent customizing maps one at a time to make them all look consistent. You can now copy the formatting of map layers, limits, axes, text, drawn objects such as polygons and polylines, and scale bars, then apply this formatting to other objects in a project! If you're a Grapher user, you might be familiar with the Copy/Paste Format tools already. If not, here's a quick example of how it works:

Let's say you spend some time formatting a map to look exactly how you want. The contour fill, labels, axis labels, graticule, title and color bar have all been modified from the default properties: 

In another SRF project, you have a basic contour map that you would like to feature the same stylistic elements. In the past, getting one map object's style to match another has been a very manual process. But now, it's much easier to quickly apply the formatting of one object to another:

First off, open the unformatted project in a second Surfer Plot tab.

In the original map, select the Map title text, and click Home | Clipboard | Copy Format. Select the Map title text for the second map, then click Home | Clipboard | Paste Format. The text is immediately updated with the font, point size, bolding, color and underlining of the original text object. Neat!

We can apply the same principle to the other map objects:

  • Copy the formatting of the Bottom and Left Axes and paste it onto the unformatted Axes.
  • Copy the formatting of the Graticule and paste it onto the new Graticule.
  • Copy the formatting of the Contour layer and paste it. This updates the contour level method, fill color and stretch, and label formatting. Doing this also applies the colormap data limits of the original map to the new one, so you may need to update these in the Colormap Editor.
  • Finally, Copy/Paste the formatting of the Color Scale to update the size and formatting of the labels.

That's it! We hope this is a big time saver for you when customizing your graphics output. 

 You can read more about the latest new features and improvements in Surfer here: Surfer Version History

  • ​Active maintenance users receive these new features for free. Simply download and install the latest version and you're good to go.
  • If your maintenance has expired, simply renew your maintenance to gain access to Surfer 16 today. Instructions for renewing maintenance can be found here: How do I renew my software maintenance?
  • For anyone else wishing to experience the new release, download the two-week Surfer trial today. 


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Thursday, 22 October 2020

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