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Surfer 16 is here!

We've been working really hard and are proud to announce the release of Surfer 16!

The latest version of Surfer contains a collection of great new features that will level-up your analysis, and make your presentations even more impactful. These features include an all new Colormap Editor that gives you so much more control over the graphics in your map, the ability to display XYZ data points in true 3D space, a new equal area contour method, and many more! 

Below are some highlights of Surfer's new features, but stay tuned as we will cover these features in more detail in future blogs.

1. View point data in true 3D space in the 3D View

View and explore your XYZ point data in 3D! If your point data used for Post, Classed Post, Base, or Base from Data maps contains a Z component (or some other component value for each XY point), you can now show this data in the 3D View. These points can be colored, sized and have 2D or 3D symbols. You can display this data along with your surface, contour and color relief maps in true 3D!

 2. Visualize your data more effectively with the new Colormap Editor

You told us and we listened! You wanted a better Colormap Editor, with more flexible and powerful options for representing your data - and we have provided! New colormap presets better fit your data, and separated color mapping and opacity mapping allows more control over how represent your data. Change the colormap stretch to Evenly distribute (equal spacing between nodes) or Equalize (a.k.a. equal area stretch, nodes are placed so that the same amount of data is between each node pair) to easily highlight small variations in your maps.

 3. Create contours with equal area in each interval

Are you tired of spending painstaking hours calculating equal-area intervals for your contour maps? That's all in the past, Surfer now does it for you with the click of a button! Simply change the level method to Equal area and specify the number of contour intervals you would like. The area per interval is handily displayed for your reference. This type of histogram-based equalization can be essential to detect and image subtle variations when more extreme values also exist.

Other new features include:

  • Duplicate map layers, and move or copy objects to other base layers
  • Attribute table improvements
  • Color scale & scale bar improvements
  • All new query functionality
  • Improved gridding options
  • New functionality added to automation
  • ..and many more!

You can read more about these new features here: What's New In Surfer V.16?

Active maintenance users receive these new features for free. Simply download and install the latest version and you're good to go.

If your maintenance has expired, simply renew your maintenance to gain access to Surfer 16 today. Instructions for renewing maintenance can be found here: How do I renew my software maintenance?

For anyone else wishing to experience the new release, download the two-week Surfer trial today. 


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